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LIME Painting® of Colorado Springs is a locally owned residential and commercial painting company that specializes in using the industry’s best products and procedures. Our extensive preparation and high quality products ensures custom results and lasting impressions. The LIME team consists of experienced home advisors and some of Colorado’s best craftsmen to support that effort. 

LIME’s expectation for customer excellence has made us Black Forest, CO's most trusted and recommended painting company. Working with LIME Painting® of Colorado Springs is easy, enjoyable, and refreshing! Get in touch to schedule your in home estimate today. 

Facts about Black Forest, CO

Located in El Paso County, Black Forest is an unincorporated that is considered part of the Colorado Springs metropolitan area. Currently the number of people living in Black Forest and the surrounding CDP is more than 15,000.

The name for the community is derived from the presence of a stand of Ponderosa pines that once graced the area. These pines were found in a roughly thousand square mile range, with the community of Black Forest being located near an area of what was called the Pineries that was beginning to thin.

From the point of the earliest settlers in the beginning of the 1850s, the area played a major role in the timber industry. It’s said that most of the lumber used in Denver and Colorado Springs came from the Pineries. The sawmills in the area also produced the mine props that added stability to the shafts of local ore mines.

Black Forest has resisted attempts to incorporate. A measure proposed in 2000 was soundly defeated. Much of the focus in the 21st has been on historical preservation, conservation, and the construction of homes that help keep the residential feel of the community.

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